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Calibrate Your Compass

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Upcoming ONE-DAY Intensive for Women with Dr. Donna Aucoin

Women are often guilty of taking care of numerous responsibilities – work, care for children, aging parents or relatives, helping friends managing the household, etc. that they often forget to take care of themselves. As we go through life – doing what has to be done – we often lose sight of our vision, of what we have dreamed of for ourselves. We sometimes forget to dream – thinking that we can’t make those dreams come true and instead abandoning the idea that life can e different and more fulfilling . If you can relate to this , it may be time to calibrate your compass!

As part of the Trust Your Journey series of wellness retreats, Dr. Donna Aucoin is hosting a one-day intensive for women that will combine self-exploration, creativity and transformation.

Calibrate Your Compass Women's One-Day Intensive Lafayette LA
  • Unlock your inner navigator: Life’s storms may have veiled your inner compass, but it’s still there – a silent whisper urging you toward purpose and fulfillment. Let’s dust it off together.
  • Chart your course: We’ll dive deep into your experiences, dreams, and desires. What ignites your soul? What dreams lie dormant? Let’s map out a course that aligns with your heart’s longing.
  • Navigate past challenges: Your past doesn’t define you, but it shapes you. We’ll explore those difficult chapters, rewrite narratives, and set sail toward healing.
  • Embrace Creativity: Creativity isn’t just for artists – it’s your birthright. Through expressive arts and mindfulness, we’ll tap into your wellspring of inspiration which will be helpful in creating the extraordinary life you deserve!

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