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Couples Counseling in Lafayette, LA

There are several reasons why couples decide to seek counseling for their relationship. Some of the most common are unresolved conflict, breakdowns in communication, issues with intimacy, and infidelity.

Conflict resolution is a vital skill to develop when maintaining a romantic relationship. Couples may enter conflict over any number of things, including inconsistent value systems, financial troubles, changes in health, or discrepancies in parenting styles. Sustained conflict can cause negative emotions toward one another.

Often, unresolved issues and negative emotions can be the result of or contribute to issues with intimacy and infidelity. Though these are usually quite taxing on a relationship, when both parties are committed to the process, couples therapy has helped to restore relationships.

Poor communication is another common reason couples seek counseling. Lack of communication or negative communication techniques can cause severe damage to the relationship. Couples counseling provides partners with an unbiased third party who can aid in building effective communication techniques.

Couples therapy is not exclusively for people who are having problems in their relationship. Many couples seek therapy just before their wedding, as newlyweds, prior to having a baby, or prior to any upcoming change in their circumstances in order to work out any differences before they become an issue. Couples therapy is goal-oriented, and the overarching mission is the enhancement of the relationship, so that each partner experiences the level of communication, intimacy and closeness they desire.

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