Our consultations are focused on giving the school staff and parents more effective communication and better management of the child’s difficult behaviors.

School and Teacher Consultation in Lafayette, Louisiana

For many children and adolescents, the demands and stress of school may exacerbate mental difficulties. Appreciating this, we offer consultation with school personnel, such as teachers, administrators, and counselors. Such consultation may be done on-site at the child’s school, via email, via telephone, or in our clinic. As children and adolescents spend the majority of their day hours on a school campus, this service oftentimes proves invaluable to the continued progress of our younger clients.

Teachers and school staff are not always aware of how much learning deficits or mental disorders can affect a student’s performance at school. This collaborative effort is intended to educate teachers and parents on how the child’s behaviors can be affected by their symptoms and on accommodations that might be beneficial to the child. This interaction also helps to better inform the therapist of other potential problems that may arise.

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