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Spiritual Life Coach in Lafayette, LA

At Aucoin and Associates Psychology Practice in Lafayette, we value the positive contribution spirituality makes to mental health. How an individual perceives God’s character has a dramatic effect on their self worth and life experiences. A spiritual life coach emphasizes the importance of integrating a healthy view of God’s love into a person’s life journey. Oftentimes, when life stressors happen, an individual‘s beliefs about God are challenged. These doubts can cause on-going emotions of guilt, shame, anger, anxiety, and fear. When these emotions sabotage a productive view of God and of a person’s identity, a person’s full potential is minimized. A spiritual life coach provides spiritual direction, guiding a person to open themselves to a more complete picture of God and to break down the emotional barriers that keep Him at a distance. The process of developing a positive relationship with God creates the pathway for an individual to gain God confidence and courage for living.

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